PlanetSide 2: Fight or Fall

Called out of my PlanetSide 2 retirement to once again inspire the troops of Connery, I set to writing another one of my pre-Server Smash speeches. My process for this usually involves setting the tone with background music, which offers a cinematic backdrop to build the emotion alongside the words I speak. In this case, the words for this speech stemmed from that background music track, “Fight or Fall.”

In typical fashion, p4nda has taken a post-processed version of this speech and used it as a backing compilation commemorating this particular Server Smash event, where Connery went on to narrowly defeat long standing rival server Emerald. I wouldn’t claim my speech tipped the scales, but listen to it for yourself and see if you feel inspired to do battle to the end!

PlanetSide 2: Regret

In another collaboration by some of the great creative minds in the PlanetSide 2 community, Regret is a short film providing a dramatic look at the lore of PlanetSide, specifically the scientific breakthrough of rebirthing and the unintended consequences that humanity was faced with in the never ending conflict on Auraxis.

I serve up the background in this short story with some narration, which is accompanied by impressive visuals from Alexs189, leading into a stirring monologue given by voice actress Ellie Underscore set against some great animated stills and ingame footage captured by p4nda (who I previously worked with on Connery’s Redemption).

“While the law has many penalties for the atrocities we inflict on others, there are no punishments for the terrors we inflict on ourselves.” -Dr. Leonard Church

PlanetSide 2: Freedom

One of the things we like to do in Recursion is make videos. One of our more technical creators with access to motion capture resources has done some work to bring that to the PlanetSide 2 universe, resulting most famously in the rap music video Ambush.

Not as heavy on the motion capture this time around, the latest video provides some background story on the oft maligned fourth faction play that happens in PlanetSide 2. Why would players abandon their side and choose to fight for their sworn enemies? In the case of the New Conglomerate, you can check out this video and see for yourself what would drive us to pursue our freedom…through other means.

PlanetSide 2: Real Time Stat Tracker

What started as a simple program to track our session statistics in PlanetSide 2 to find areas where we could improve, the potential was soon realized that we could transform this into something much greater. Adding some event detection logic allowed the addition of “Achievements” into PlanetSide 2, and not soon after we expanded this idea into included audio and visual elements that aim to capture the classic Unreal Tournament gameplay feel, adding a whole new dimension to the game.

To advertise the features of the latest update to Recursion Real Time Stat Tracker, featuring a fully integrated Direct3D overlay that allows the program data to be viewed while playing the game, I created the following trailer, with a quick vocal stinger at the end in addition to the ingame achievement events that I provided the vocals for.

Planetside 2 War Stories – The Anvil Drop

Quick on the heels of my last story, we ended up dropping on an embattled tower to defend it, only to be pushed out by an overwhelming amount of enemy armor and aircraft. Deciding that we weren’t quite done, what happened next is worth a listen, as we execute a tactic we have come to call The Anvil Drop.

Head on over to the full post if you want to read the transcript

Planetside 2 War Stories – The Last Stand

So it seems I am starting something of a habit of encountering stories that strike me as experiences to be shared. Takes a bit of time to write up afterwards, but I think the result is worth it. This time around our crew was pushed back to our warpgate, our only point of ingress onto the battlefield. With only one territory left on the map to defend, we made our last stand against the combined forces of the Terran Republic and Vanu Sovereignty. I decided to frame this story from the standpoint of a rallying cry for the troops, emboldening them as they march out to face down the enemy and protect our outpost.

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Planetside 2 War Stories – The Harasser: Wingless Bird of Prey

I’ve been playing a bit of Planetside 2 (a bit may be an understatement at times), and by far one of the changes that have added the most fun to the game for me has been the addition of the Harasser, an armored buggy capable of equipping a battle-tank secondary weapon and carrying another soldier in the back for extra pain dishing. But what I like the most about this glorious machine is not it’s armaments (impressive as they may be), but rather its uncanny ability to get you into the most absurd of situations due to its mobility. Mobility that is multiplied by the unlockable NFI-2000 turbo, giving you a quick boost of acceleration to get you up to speed, up to a fleeing enemy, or…hell, even up walls if you time it right.

Just such a situation happened the other day, where me and my gunner were perched atop a rock archway lobbing missiles at passing enemy armor below. Well, the enemy armor found their way out of our sights. Sure would take a long time to drive down, so I decided that a more direct approach was needed here. What happened next is a story that just begged to be told, so check it out as I narrate the crazy course of events that so often transpire when behind the wheel of the Harasser.

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