Elite: Dangerous – The Return Trailer

Recently, Frontier released a Teaser Trailer for their 2.4 patch. It heralds the return of the Thargoids, a legacy antagonist from the original Elite games. They are ominously shaping up to become the Big Bad in the Elite: Dangerous universe.

How bad could the return of a hostile alien race be? Well, it is Independence Day, so what is the fourth without an impending alien invasion? I decided to take the original short teaser trailer, and expand it into a full cinematic trailer, using another great audio track from Really Slow Motion. Following along with The Canonn Research Group’s efforts and pulling in the lore elements, I constructed this trailer based off those sources of inspiration.

It certainly wasn’t easy to get some of this footage that was dependent on ingame RNG elements. With enough time and effort though, I got what I needed to craft a compelling visual story, matching it up with a narrated script I wrote to give viewers some background on this part of the Elite universe, and the context for why someone unfamiliar should be concerned that some strange aliens are popping up now. This trailer contains some of the latest Elite: Dangerous content, so spoiler warning if you would prefer to see the great set pieces in this game for yourself!

As seen on Reddit

Case Red: A Fuel Rat Rescue Cinematic

I have always been a sucker for a good narrative, and for the past few months there has been no greater opportunity for me to craft one than in my time with the Fuel Rats. Over the past month, I sat down and came up with a cinematic adaptation of one of the most intensive rescue situations in Elite: Dangerous — a Case Red scenario. With a client’s fuel reserve exhausted and their emergency oxygen reserve draining, every second lost is a second closer to death. With the clock ticking on a client’s survival, the Fuel Rats have to quickly jump into action. What happens next? Check out the video for yourself:

To get an idea of what goes into a rescue in the somewhat less sensational reality, check out my video for the Fuel Rats’ 2000th rescue.

Irving Force: The Violence Suppressor

A while back I was contacted and asked to provide a grindhouse styled narration for the trailer to Irving Force’s new EP, The Violence Suppressor. Set firmly in 80s synth and ultraviolence a la Kung Fury, I introduce a world full of conflict, where only one man can save the day…

WARNING: This video contains scenes of graphic violence after my introductory narration.

Upcoming Project: Bombshell – PAX Trailer

At PAX Prime, the latest trailer was released for 3D Realms and Interceptor Entertainment’s upcoming isometric shooter: Bombshell.

This trailer opens up with some dialogue between the titular character of Bombshell and the leader of the GDF, General Holloway; a short preview of some of the work I have done for this game, which should offer an amazing shoot ’em up experience with a bit more story than the genre might have historically been known for.

You can learn more about General Holloway in the World of Bombshell, including some extra lines that you might hear in the game!

PlanetSide 2: Real Time Stat Tracker

What started as a simple program to track our session statistics in PlanetSide 2 to find areas where we could improve, the potential was soon realized that we could transform this into something much greater. Adding some event detection logic allowed the addition of “Achievements” into PlanetSide 2, and not soon after we expanded this idea into included audio and visual elements that aim to capture the classic Unreal Tournament gameplay feel, adding a whole new dimension to the game.

To advertise the features of the latest update to Recursion Real Time Stat Tracker, featuring a fully integrated Direct3D overlay that allows the program data to be viewed while playing the game, I created the following trailer, with a quick vocal stinger at the end in addition to the ingame achievement events that I provided the vocals for.