Elite: Dangerous – The Return Trailer

Recently, Frontier released a Teaser Trailer for their 2.4 patch. It heralds the return of the Thargoids, a legacy antagonist from the original Elite games. They are ominously shaping up to become the Big Bad in the Elite: Dangerous universe.

How bad could the return of a hostile alien race be? Well, it is Independence Day, so what is the fourth without an impending alien invasion? I decided to take the original short teaser trailer, and expand it into a full cinematic trailer, using another great audio track from Really Slow Motion. Following along with The Canonn Research Group’s efforts and pulling in the lore elements, I constructed this trailer based off those sources of inspiration.

It certainly wasn’t easy to get some of this footage that was dependent on ingame RNG elements. With enough time and effort though, I got what I needed to craft a compelling visual story, matching it up with a narrated script I wrote to give viewers some background on this part of the Elite universe, and the context for why someone unfamiliar should be concerned that some strange aliens are popping up now. This trailer contains some of the latest Elite: Dangerous content, so spoiler warning if you would prefer to see the great set pieces in this game for yourself!

As seen on Reddit

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