New role – Narrator for Mindworld: Shattered Dreams

The other day it was announced that I will be taking up the role of the narrator for Rotating Cube Games’ Mindworld: Shattered Dreams, an episodic FPS Action Thriller based in the Half-Life 2 engine. With a hefty dose of psychology and emotions, this looks to be a story that will capture your intrigue and take you deep down the rabbit hole of a subconscious mind.

Concept art for Mindworld: Shattered Dreams

The next news release should feature some samples that I can update you with, but until then check out what Mindworld is all about! Narration is one of my favorite realms of voice acting, and it will be an interesting challenge if I am to tell a story where the pacing may be at the player’s control (see The Stanley Parable for an example of this done spectacularly).

Realization of concept art in the Half-Life 2 engine

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