Planetside 2 War Stories – The Anvil Drop

Quick on the heels of my last story, we ended up dropping on an embattled tower to defend it, only to be pushed out by an overwhelming amount of enemy armor and aircraft. Deciding that we weren’t quite done, what happened next is worth a listen, as we execute a tactic we have come to call The Anvil Drop.

There’s a lot to be said about unconventional warfare. It may not be the most efficient, but damned if it doesn’t get the job done sometimes. I remember this one time, it was a heated fight over Glacier Station. The Vanu were pushing in from all sides, wanting that tower something fierce. Outnumbered, outgunned, just our kind of fight. We dropped in on one of the outlying buildings, locking it down as the enemy rolled in tank after tank. Now, tanks aren’t so good at securing buildings, so we held out for a while, stalling the enemy push to capture the tower. More reinforcements came in and it became clear that we were not going to be able to win this fight.

They wanted to roll armor against us, and we sought to put a stop to that. Now some people would say the counter to armor is more armor, or an anti-armor infantry squad. With no nearby facilities to support either, we decided to take an approach that was a bit more up close and personal. Recalling to the warpgate, we strapped into some drifter jets, grabbed some C4, and loaded up in a galaxy. We would book it to the tower, drop from above, then divide and explosively conquer the enemy armor. We took to the skies and made our way over to Glacier Station.

As we passed over the tower, our crew bailed from the galaxy, fanning out in the skies to call our targets. A veritable buffet of tanks and aircraft sprawled about beneath us. I spotted a lone Scythe hovering nearby the tower, more focused on the friendly commotion below him than the impending angel of death above him. Now a Scythe ain’t much of a hardened target–any number of anti-aircraft munitions could easily take it down. Some might say then that using my C4 on it would just be plain unnecessary.

Well, I’ll tell you something, the word “unnecessary” ain’t exactly in my vocabulary.

I gave a quick fire of my drifter jets to position myself above his ground track. Speeding towards my airborne prey, I knew the timing of my burn had to be perfect. Too soon, and there’d be no chance of landing my surprise gift as the Scythe moved out beneath me. Too late, and I’d end up bouncing off in a rather ungraceful display of broken bones and jet fuel. Hah, that reminds me of this one time my buddy Rang was piloting this Galaxy, with me and the boys in the back. I hear over the radio to hang on, and don’t think nothing of it, with the trouble we tend to get ourselves into, we’re pretty used to getting banged up a bit on the way in. Well, next thing you know I’m staring at the inside of a spawn tube. Turns out Rang had spotted an enemy galaxy just hovering above a base, and the crazy sonuvabitch just flew right into it! Hahaha, ahh…nanites, what can I say.

Where was I? Oh right, the Scythe. So I was closing in on him from above, fingers at the ready to fire my drifter jets so I could gently touch down on the wing. The moment came, I throttled up my jets, slowed my descent, and landed right on target next to the Scythe’s canopy. I quickly dropped a brick of C4 and blasted off, maneuvering myself forward into my enemy’s field of vision. Not sure what to make of the situation, the Scythe just floated in front of me as I smiled and gave him a salute, detonator in hand.

“I got a present for ya.”

I pressed the button and the enemy aircraft was engulfed in a ball of glorious flame. I drifted to the ground with my remaining fuel and placed my second C4 on a passing Sunderer. My fellow warriors who had dropped alongside me were also detonating their explosives, littering the field with Vanu corpses and wreckage.

The Vanu may have won that fight, but we sure as hell let them know that victory doesn’t come without a price. We reminded them what happens when you get complacent. We dropped the anvil on ’em.

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