Voice Acting

Voice acting is one of my many hobbies. It started out as me merely providing voice over for video production work I was doing, which led me into the arena of machinima to cut my teeth on. On this page you will find a few examples of my voice acting work over the years, a sample of the characters and roles I have portrayed. You can also check out various samples I have posted to the site.


I originally started out narrating my own trailers, as narration is something I have always found myself predisposed to do, and I just love a good trailer. Over time I started doing more narration outside of trailers, and now have something of a balance between the two. Check out any posts that are tagged with narration for some of my latest work!

Mass Effect

As part of the team that was putting voices to Koobismo’s Marauder Shields comic, I took on the role of a number of characters, including the titular Marauder Shields himself, to help bring this alternate fan ending to life in another medium.

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